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Latest news and updates on Tenerife ON

Find out what’s happening right now on the island’s trails, facilities and natural areas.

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FAQ Planificador
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Learn how to design your routes step by step with the Tenerife ON planner

You can now consult the route planner user guide in our FAQ ...

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Noticias La Matanza
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Two new trails in Tenerife ON

Only four weeks after its launch, Tenerife On has tripled the number of hiking trails available in La Matanza de ...

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APP Tenerife ON
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Launch of Tenerife ON

The first official platform for the island’s nature trails and outdoor ...

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Routes that require permits

Nature trails and activities requiring official ...

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Tenerife ON allows you to plan your own route
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Tenerife ON allows you to plan your own route

If you’re thinking about planning an excursion with family and friends, the app enables you to design exactly what you’re looking ...

Follow our advice... Inspirational

In this section you will find our latest tips and recommendations.

Inspirador Oeste

Hiking in the west of Tenerife

Explore the young volcanic landscapes created by the island’s most recent eruptions as you hike the trails of Guía de Isora.

Disfruta en familia del norte de Tenerife

Enjoy the north of Tenerife with your family

Now that the kids are about to begin their holidays, we have a few suggestions for you to spend a day with the family in contact with nature.

Learn how volcanoes are formed

If you walk around Chinyero, you will see the island’s most recent volcano with its black lava flows.

Discover mountain bike routes for beginners

If you are interested in exploring the mountains of Tenerife by bike, but have never done so before, these are our suggestions.

Download the App

Download the App

And take with you on your trip all the up-to-date information and recommendations that Tenerife ON has compiled just for you. Plan your trip, download the route, explore the surroundings and check the latest news wherever you are.

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