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Learn how volcanoes are formed

If you walk around Chinyero, you will see the island’s most recent volcano with its black lava flows.

There are several trails that run around this young crater, through the Chinyero Special Nature Reserve, a landscape so spectacular that it looks as if it belongs on another planet. You can choose from a variety of routes depending on your fitness level and your requirements:

Garachico - Chinyero

PR TF 43 Garachico - Chinyero

  • San José de los Llanos- Montaña Chinyero

    PR TF 43.1 San José de Los Llanos- Montaña Chinyero

  • Los Partidos - Chinyero

    PR TF 43.2 Los Partidos - Chinyero

  • Santiago del Teide - Montaña Chinyero

    PR TF 43.3 Santiago del Teide - Montaña Chinyero

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