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PR TF 51 San José de Los Llanos - Punta de Teno

PR-TF 51

Macizo de Teno

San José de Los Llanos - Punta de Teno
San José de Los Llanos - Punta de Teno
San José de Los Llanos - Punta de Teno
San José de Los Llanos - Punta de Teno

Difficulty: High


This trail is the ideal opportunity to cross the beautiful Teno Rural Park from east to west. 

The route starts in San José de Los Llanos (Municipality of El Tanque) with a gentle ascent to Los Partidos de Franquis, after which you descend to the famous ponds at Charcas de Erjos. 

From this point you will skirt the southern side of Pico de Cruz de Gala as you enter monteverde forest, and then descend to Las Casas de la Cumbre. 

After 2 km you will arrive at Pico de Martín Báez and then continue on to Cumbre del Carrizal. Then you will come to the Baracán viewpoint, but before reaching it you must cross the TF-436 road with great caution. 

On leaving the Baracán viewpoint, the path heads north-west and runs around Pico Baracán. You will then cross the highest part of the massif heading north along a track through the monteverde forest and shortly afterwards you will enter Finca de Las Siete. 

From here continue towards Los Bailaderos heading west towards Montaña de El Vallado. After skirting this peak, you will reach Las Cuevas. From this natural viewpoint the descent to Punta de Teno begins. The trail ends next to the tomato-packing warehouses, on the edge of the road that leads to the lighthouse.


  • Always stay on the marked trail and do not enter private property, hunting grounds, water galleries, wells or caves. 
  • Pay special attention when crossing or walking along trails used by bicycles, horses or motor vehicles and when walking in ravines with water courses.
  • Avoid direct encounters with potentially dangerous animals, such as livestock, beehives, and dogs. 
  • Proceed with caution and watch for obstacles, loose rocks, uneven terrain or steep slopes to avoid accidents and falls.
  • Check out our guide to hiking in Tenerife and, if necessary, contact the emergency services by calling 112.


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  • Authorisation required for public or private for-profit entities, via this link
  • Free access for all other visitors, no reservation required.
More information

Technical information sheet

Route information

Walking route

Tenerife ON


22,60 km

5 h 5 m

932,81 m

1.938,61 m

One way with fitness level 3/5

  • Altitude gain:932,81 m

  • Altitude loss:1.938,61 m

  • Maximum altitude:1.237,06 m

  • Minimum altitude:84,66 m


Route code

PR-TF 51

Posts and signs displaying the PR code and yellow and white marks.


Route map and profile

Elevation profile


High *MIDE safe mountain criteria

  • Maximum altitude:1.237,06 m

  • Minimum altitude:84,66 m

Connections with other routes

How to get to route start point

San José de los Llanos Recreational Area, Avenida Venezuela.

Bus number 360, Parque Recreativo bus stop code 4599. TITSA

Parking spaces in the recreational area.

How to get to route end point

Carretera Punta Teno (TF-445), km 7.

bus number 369, Punta de Teno bus stop code 5195. TITSA

Road with traffic restrictions and difficult parking, avoid times and zones reserved for public transport.

Municipalities passed through

  • Buenavista del Norte
  • El Tanque
  • Los Silos
  • Santiago del Teide

Protected Areas


Parque Rural de Teno

Teno Rural Park is located in north-west Tenerife, in one of the first parts of the island to emerge from the sea, containing materials that are between 6 and 7 million years old.  Erosion has ...

Discover the Protected Area
Parque Rural de Teno


Reserva Natural Especial del Chinyero

The Chinyero Special Nature Reserve is located on the Abeque ridge, one of the three volcanic rifts on the island and the most active at present. Two historical eruptions have taken place here: ...

Discover the Protected Area
Reserva Natural Especial del Chinyero


Today, friday, in Buenavista del Norte


4 km/h


22ºC Maximum

20ºC Minimum



3 day forecast


21ºC Maximum

20ºC Minimum


20ºC Maximum

19ºC Minimum


20ºC Maximum

18ºC Minimum

Places of interest

These are some of the points of interest you can find along this route.


Charcas de Erjos

These ponds are formed by rainwater collecting in pits that were dug to mine aggregates at the...

Unique building

Teno Alto Chapel

Small chapel in front of the village square, amongst farmed terraces and pastures.


Pico Baracán

Peak located 1,000 metres above sea level, separating El Palmar valley and the ravine known as...

Threshing Floor

Threshing Floors, El Tanque Ecomuseum

Various threshing floors on display for museum visitors.

Monumental tree

Poplar at La Hoya

Its bark was used for medicinal purposes. It used to be 13 metres tall, but a storm split many of...

Monumental tree

Nica Pine

With a hollow 170 centimetres high, 85 centimetres wide and 60 centimetres deep. A solitary tree...

Monumental tree

Loro Pine

Its name comes from a laurel that grows on one of its forking trunks. Bramble, hare’s-foot fern...

Monumental tree

Cercado de las Mulas Pine

With a hollow 230 centimetres high, 100 centimetres wide and 80 centimetres deep at 80...

Caserio de Erjos


Village located 14 kilometres from the centre of Los Silos. Given over mainly to agriculture and...

Teno Alto

Los Bailaderos or Teno Alto

This stronghold of the island’s rural customs lies in the heart of Teno Rural Park. It boasts a...


El Tanque Ecomuseum

The El Tanque Ecomuseum houses an exhibition on life in Partido de Abajo, the name formerly given...