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VM 14. Pista de Mataznos


14.- Pista de Mataznos
14.- Pista de Mataznos
14.- Pista de Mataznos


This route passes through large areas of forest affected by storms that brought down entire areas of pine forest, mostly Monterey pine.

After clearing the affected trees, the management teams have worked on numerous reforestation projects to convert these areas of the Orotava Valley into monteverde or humid pine forests. 

The species used for reforestation depend on the altitude and topography, as some species are better suited to certain conditions than others. 

Specifically, in this area you will find new plantations of Canary Island pine, juniper, faya (Morella faya), acebiño (Ilex canariensis), tagasaste (Cytisus proliferus), sanguinos (Rhamnus glandulosa), Canary laurel or barbusano (Apollonias barbujana), follao (Viburnum rigidum), madroño (Arbutus canariensis), laurel (Laurus novocanariensis) and viñatigo (Persea indica); and other species that have grown spontaneously because their seeds or roots were already present in the soil, such as tree heath (Erica arborea) and codeso (Adenocarpus foliolosus).


  • Always stay on the marked trail observing all traffic rules established in the regulations. 
  • When parking, keep away from water intakes or firefighting water storage tanks, and do not block the passage of other vehicles or access to the track.
  • Be extra careful both at junctions with paths and tracks and on sections shared by walkers, horse riders and cyclists. 
  • Proceed with care to avoid accidents that may be caused by obstacles, landslides and uneven terrain. 
  • Check our guide to motor vehicle routes and, if necessary, contact the emergency services by calling 112.
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Prior authorisation through the Reservation Centre of the Tenerife Island Council is compulsory for the following vehicles:

  • Trials, enduro and motocross bikes.
  • ATVs and quads with a handlebar steering system.
  • Off-road vehicles with tyres of 10 to 15mm tread depth.
  • Power-assisted pedal cycles with a power output of more than 0.5 kW, to supplement the muscle power of the rider.
  • Caravan of up to six motor vehicles in motion with a maximum distance of 30 metres separating them.

Check the Regulations for information on prohibited vehicles.

No reservations are required for other vehicles, provided that they meet the recreational use requirements for this network of trails.

More information

Technical information sheet

Route information

Motor vehicle route

Tenerife ON


6,00 km

0 h 25 m

106,12 m

174,49 m

At an average speed of 15 km/h

  • Altitude gain:106,12 m

  • Altitude loss:174,49 m

  • Maximum altitude:1.274,03 m

  • Minimum altitude:1.202,48 m


Route code


Tracks for motor vehicles are marked with blue signs and posts that include:

  • Direction.
  • Route number.
  • Distance to end point.

Route map and profile

Elevation profile

  • Maximum altitude:1.274,03 m

  • Minimum altitude:1.202,48 m

Connections with other routes

  • /

How to get to route start point

Km 19 on the TF-21 La Orotava - Granadilla road.

Municipalities passed through

  • La Orotava
  • Los Realejos

Protected Areas


Parque Natural de la Corona Forestal

The Corona Forestal is the largest protected natural area in the Canary Islands, one of the most extensive forests on the islands, the lungs of Tenerife and the gateway to Mount Teide.  As its name ...

Discover the Protected Area
Parque Natural de Corona Forestal


Today, tuesday, in La Orotava


2 km/h


21ºC Maximum

17ºC Minimum



3 day forecast


21ºC Maximum

18ºC Minimum


21ºC Maximum

18ºC Minimum


22ºC Maximum

18ºC Minimum