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PNT 14 Alto de Guamaso


Teide National Park

Difficulty: Medium


This is an easy trail with views of the Orotava Valley, often blanketed by a sea of clouds. It takes you around a beautiful volcanic cone and into its crater. 

The cone was formed by the accumulation of volcanic material, with striking lava bombs dotted over its slopes. 

This is a good place to observe the transition from Canary Island pine forest to mountain scrubland. This changing landscape means that the most representative birds of the park, such as Canary Island chiffchaffs, Berthelot’s pipit and spectacled warblers, are joined by others more typical of the forest environment, such as blue chaffinches, blue tits, blackbirds and robins.


  • Always stay on the marked trail and do not enter private property, hunting grounds, water galleries, wells or caves.  
  • Pay special attention when crossing or walking along trails used by bicycles, horses or motor vehicles and when walking in ravines with water courses.
  • Avoid direct encounters with potentially dangerous animals, such as livestock, beehives, and dogs.
  • Proceed with caution and watch for obstacles, loose rocks, uneven terrain or steep slopes to avoid accidents and falls.
  • Check out our guide to hiking in Tenerife and, if necessary, contact the emergency services by calling 112.


Recommendations and tips


Free access for all visitors, no reservation required.

More information

Technical information sheet

Route information

Walking route

Tenerife ON


2,86 km

1 h 25 m

86,90 m

132,68 m

One way with fitness level 3/5

  • Altitude gain:86,90 m

  • Altitude loss:132,68 m

  • Maximum altitude:2.081,15 m

  • Minimum altitude:2.018,61 m


Route code


Signposts and waymarkers with the code of the trail on dark green panels.


Route map and profile

Elevation profile


Medium *MIDE safe mountain criteria

  • Maximum altitude:2.081,15 m

  • Minimum altitude:2.018,61 m

Connections with other routes

How to get to route start point

Carretera General del Teide (TF-21), km 42.3.

Bus numbers 348 and 342, El Teide - El Portillo bus stop code 7690. TITSA

Parking spaces available in the village.

How to get to route end point

Carretera General del Teide (TF-21), km 42.3.

Bus numbers 348 and 342, El Teide - El Portillo bus stop code 7690. TITSA

Parking spaces available in the village.

Municipalities passed through

  • La Orotava

Protected Areas


Parque Nacional del Teide

The Teide National Park is the best exampleof the high-mountain landscape of the Canary Islands.  It is a breathtaking setting where you can learn about some of the most spectacular volcanic ...

Discover the Protected Area
Parque Nacional del Teide


Today, tuesday, in La Orotava


2 km/h


25ºC Maximum

19ºC Minimum



3 day forecast


24ºC Maximum

19ºC Minimum


24ºC Maximum

18ºC Minimum


24ºC Maximum

18ºC Minimum

Places of interest

These are some of the points of interest you can find along this route.

Monumental tree

El Portillo Botanical Garden

This garden, located in the Teide National Park, occupies a 4-hectare plot of land and was...


Montaña de Guamaso

Montaña de Guamaso is a volcanic cone with a gently sloping profile, carpeted with lush...