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Protected Natural Areas

Natural Monuments

Small areas or natural features that contain highly distinctive, rare or beautiful formations, such as geological formations, palaeontological sites and other geographical features. They are given special protection due to their uniqueness and their significant scientific, cultural or scenic values.

National Parks

Natural areas of high ecological and cultural value, largely untouched by human activity, which due to the beauty of their landscapes, the representativeness of their ecosystems or the uniqueness of their flora, fauna, geology or geomorphological formations, have outstanding ecological, aesthetic, cultural, educational and scientific values.

Nature Parks

Large natural areas, largely untouched by the presence of humans with natural beauty, fauna, flora and geology that are considered to be unique examples of the natural heritage of the Canary Islands. Their purpose is to preserve the natural resources they contain in order to offer public enjoyment, education and scientific research that is compatible with their conservation.

Protected Landscape

Protected landscapes are areas of the island with important aesthetic and cultural values that merit special protection.

Rural Parks

Extensive natural areas in which agricultural, livestock or fishing activities coexist with other activities of special natural and ecological interest, forming a landscape of great ecological and cultural interest. The objective of this designation is the conservation of the entire area, in addition to promoting the harmonious development of the local populations and improving their living conditions.

Integral Nature Reserves

Natural areas of moderate size established with the aim of preserving all their biotic and abiotic elements, as well as all the natural ecological processes that, due to their scarcity, fragility, representativeness, importance or uniqueness, merit special attention.

Special Nature Reserves

Natural areas of moderate size established with the aim of preserving unique habitats, specific species, geological formations or natural ecological processes of great interest, which due to their scarcity, fragility, representativeness, importance or uniqueness merit special attention.

Site of Scientific Interest

Natural areas that are generally small and isolated. They contain natural elements of high scientific interest, as well as specimens or animal or plant populations that are threatened, endangered or requiring specific temporary conservation measures.

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