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PR TF 43 Garachico - Chinyero

PR-TF 43

Altos de Garachico

Garachico - Chinyero
Garachico - Chinyero
Garachico - Chinyero
Garachico - Chinyero
Garachico - Chinyero
Garachico - Chinyero
Garachico - Chinyero

Difficulty: High


This route, which starts in Garachico, a town popular with tourists, offers you the opportunity to walk among volcanoes. 

It climbs from Garachico along Camino de El Lance to San Juan del Reparo through lava flows that form a landscape of great geological interest. 

You will soon reach the village of La Montañeta and from there continue towards the Arenas Negras Recreational Area and Montaña de Las Flores. 

At this point a loop around the Chinyero Volcano begins, passing through lava flows and ancient pine trees such as Pino de Cha Lorenza, where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the south face of Chinyero. 

Mountains such as La Corredera, Los Poleos or La Cruz will also feature along the route, as well as wide panoramic views of Mount Teide and Pico Viejo on clear days. 

This trail begins with a steep and difficult ascent, so make sure you are in good enough physical shape to walk the entire route or, if not, consider the possibility of doing just a section of the walk. You should also bear in mind that, as it is a linear route, you will need to plan your return to Garachico when you reach the area around the Chinyero Volcano.


  • Always stay on the marked trail and do not enter private property, hunting grounds, water galleries, wells or caves.
  • Pay special attention when crossing or walking along trails used by bicycles, horses or motor vehicles and when walking in ravines with water courses.
  • Avoid direct encounters with potentially dangerous animals, such as livestock, beehives, and dogs.
  • Proceed with caution and watch for obstacles, loose rocks, uneven terrain or steep slopes to avoid accidents and falls.
  • Check out our guide to hiking in Tenerife and, if necessary, contact the emergency services by calling 112.


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  • [TEMPORARY MEASURE] Free access without authorisation or reservation for natural or legal entities of a public or private nature, both non-profit (town councils, schools, associations, clubs, etc.) and for-profit (active tourism companies), until 31 December 2024 as established in the Resolution.
  • Free access for all other visitors, no reservation required.
  • Email for enquiries - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
More information

Technical information sheet

Route information

Walking route

Tenerife ON


31,61 km

6 h 55 m

1.986,18 m

1.986,18 m

One way with fitness level 3/5

  • Altitude gain:1.986,18 m

  • Altitude loss:1.986,18 m

  • Maximum altitude:1.540,34 m

  • Minimum altitude:15,02 m


Route code

PR-TF 43

Posts and signs displaying the PR code and yellow and white marks.


Route map and profile

Elevation profile


High *MIDE safe mountain criteria

  • Maximum altitude:1.540,34 m

  • Minimum altitude:15,02 m

Connections with other routes

  • /

How to get to route start point

Carretera General de Garachico, km 5.

Bus number 363, Piscina bus stop code 4441. TITSA

Parking spaces available in the town.

How to get to route end point


Area of Chinyero only accessible on foot.

Area of Chinyero only accessible on foot.

Municipalities passed through

  • El Tanque
  • Garachico
  • Santiago del Teide

Protected Areas


Reserva Natural Especial del Chinyero

The Chinyero Special Nature Reserve is located on the Abeque ridge, one of the three volcanic rifts on the island and the most active at present. Two historical eruptions have taken place here: ...

Discover the Protected Area
Reserva Natural Especial del Chinyero


Parque Natural de la Corona Forestal

The Corona Forestal is the largest protected natural area in the Canary Islands, one of the most extensive forests on the islands, the lungs of Tenerife and the gateway to Mount Teide.  As its name ...

Discover the Protected Area
Parque Natural de Corona Forestal


Today, monday, in Garachico


4 km/h


23ºC Maximum

20ºC Minimum



3 day forecast


23ºC Maximum

19ºC Minimum


24ºC Maximum

19ºC Minimum


25ºC Maximum

20ºC Minimum

Places of interest

These are some of the points of interest you can find along this route.

Unique building

La Puerta de la Tierra Park

This park still contains the arch of the gate that provided access to the old port of Garachico...

Heritage of Cultural Interest

Castillo de San Miguel (Saint Michael’s Castle) - BIC (Asset of Cultural Interest) Monument

Strategically located to the right side of the inlet leading towards Garachico’s former natural...


Acantilado de La Culata

La Culata is a coastal cliff that ended up inland, cut off from the sea by the coastal plains...

Heritage of Cultural Interest

Former Franciscan Convent of Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles (Our Lady of the Angels) - BIC (Asset of Cultural Interest) Monument

The Franciscan convent of Our Lady of the Angels was erected in 1524 thanks to patronage from...

Heritage of Cultural Interest

Monastery of the Immaculate Conception

Construction of this monastery began in 1643 on a site located on the coast of Garachico. It was...


La Casa de Piedra Art Space

The Casa de Piedra Art Space is a place for artists to meet, hold forums and workshops, providing...

Monumental tree

Palm trees at the Church of San Francisco

Group of three male palm trees. Fine looking trees surrounded by a circular parterre with heights...

Heritage of Cultural Interest

Iglesia de Santa Ana (Saint Anne’s church) - BIC (Asset of Cultural Interest) Monument

The church of Santa Ana stands on a plot of land donated in 1520 by the wealthy Genoese...

Montaneta Ermita
Unique building

Chapel of St. Francis of Assisi

Small sanctuary built in the 20th century by State Forestry Workers with the help of the...

Monumental tree

Pine tree at the place where the Ox spoke

It is said that a team of oxen was hauling wood along the track when one ox fell, exhausted, to...


Castillo de San Miguel Fortress Museum

Fortress that survived the eruption of 1706 and was restored in 1999 to become the Heritage...

Heritage of Cultural Interest

Villa and Port of Garachico Conservation Area - BIC (Asset of Cultural Interest) Conjunto histórico (Conservation Area)

In few towns is it the case that a date marks the beginning of a new era. The history of...

Monumental tree

Los Tres Pinos / Pino de las Tres Pernadas

Pine tree that splits into three large trunks 60 centimetres above the ground. Surrounded by an...


Montaña de Chinyero

The Montaña Chinyero volcano bears testimony to the last volcanic event on Tenerife, which...