ePrivacy and GPDR Cookie Consent management by TermsFeed Privacy Policy and Consent Generator 5 reasons to become a member of a hiking federation in Tenerife

If you practise hiking or other outdoor sports, at Tenerife ON we recommend that you become a member of a hiking federation so that you can enjoy these activities with assurances, safety and a number of extra benefits.

Specifically, in Tenerife we have the Federación Insular de Montañismo. If you become a member, you will have the following advantages:


1.- Access to insider knowledge

One of the main advantages of being a member of the Federación Insular de Montañismo de Tenerife is that you have access to up-to-date information about the activities, routes and trails in Tenerife.

This will allow you to explore Tenerife more safely and efficiently, avoiding any potential mishaps, temporary closures or unnecessary dangers.


2.- Safety and protection

Joining a hiking federation provides you with civil liability and accident insurance, which is essential for hiking in the natural areas of the island, where unforeseen events can occur.

Being covered by insurance gives you peace of mind, as you will be protected against potential accidents, both to yourself and to others.


3.- Education and training

The Federación Insular de Montañismo de Tenerife offers training programmes to its members. These courses cover subjects such as orienteering, Nordic walking, climbing, canyoning and mountain safety.

By taking part in these activities, you will improve your skills and knowledge, which will enable you to be safer and better prepared to face the challenges of hiking and other activities in Tenerife. It will also give you the opportunity to share experiences with other members of the association.

4.- Representation and defending your interests

Being a member of the Federación Insular de Montañismo de Tenerife allows you to join a community committed to defending your interests as a hiker and climber, as well as the protection of the island’s protected natural areas.

In this way, by participating in the activities organised by the federation you will be able to add your voice to those of others who share your passion for the mountains and for the conservation and responsible enjoyment of nature in Tenerife.


5.- Discounts and privileges

And finally, being a member of the federation gives you access to exclusive offers from companies that collaborate with and sponsor the FIMT.

As a member of the FIMT, you can get discounts on the purchase of material and equipment in specialised shops, hostels and mountain lodges or hire services related to your hiking excursions in Tenerife.


If you are passionate about hiking and want to explore the natural areas of Tenerife, what more reason do you need?

Join the Federación Insular de Montañismo and enjoy every adventure – safely and responsibly.