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Las Calderetas Campsite

Camping area, El Ravelo, El Sauzal

Incident Incident

Facility temporarily closed - Warnings (fire, wind, etc.)

Equipamiento cerrado por estar en el área restringida como consecuencia del incendio de verano de 2023



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Las Calderetas Campsite is located at an altitude of 1,000 metres on the northern slopes of the island, in an area bathed by cool, moist trade winds, which explains the frequent mist and low temperatures.

This is a setting where forest restoration work has been undertaken to increase biodiversity, enrich the landscape and improve the natural value of the area by replacing introduced species, such as Monterey pine (Pinus radiata), with monteverde vegetation, such as faya (Morella faya), acebiño (Ilex canariensis), hija (Prunus lusitanica, also called Portugal laurel) and tree heath (Erica arborea).

The area is very popular due to its proximity to the centre of Ravelo, its easy access via asphalt roads and its waymarked routes where you can start or finish your trips on foot, by bicycle, horseback or motor vehicle.

It has an environmental information and interpretation point, and an adjoining a recreational area offering a variety of services.


  • Safe and respectful distance.
  • Follow the rules and instructions on the signs to avoid disturbance to people and animals.
  • Keep the environment clean and leave no litter behind. Rubbish and cigarette butts must be disposed of in the designated containers.
  • Travel in small groups to keep noise pollution and the impact on the environment to a minimum.  
  • Use the water in the toilets and taps responsibly. Water is a scarce and precious commodity on our island.

Recommendations and tips


  • Compulsory authorisation must be requested a maximum of 15 days in advance via this link.
  • Type of camping allowed: tents.
  • Types of camping not allowed: caravans, motorhomes or other adapted vehicles.
  • Check here for more details about permits for camping areas in Tenerife.
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The recreational area adjoining this campsite has the following services:

  • Toilets.
  • Barbecue facilities.
  • Water NOT fit for human consumption.
  • Tables and benches.
  • Waste containers: organic and glass.
  • Children’s play area.
  • 60 parking spaces, no reserved parking spaces for people with reduced mobility.

  • Nearby restaurant (not part of the centre).
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Access Las Calderetas Campsite

From the centre of Ravelo, go up the asphalted road Calle Lomo Las Piedras until you reach the recreational area at the corner of Pista Las Calderetas.

No public transport service in the area.

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