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Barranco de La Arena Nature Camp

Camp site, Altos de La Guancha, La Guancha

Barranco de la Arena
Barranco de la Arena
Barranco de la Arena


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The area around Barranco de La Arena boasts a wealth of natural features that make it an ideal place to discover and connect with nature. 

It is located above 1200 m, an altitude dominated by a dense, dry Canary Island pine forest, punctuated by the singing of chaffinches and the tapping of the great spotted woodpecker on the oldest trunks. 

In addition to the great diversity of wildlife, Barranco de la Arena also introduces you to aspects of the island’s geography, such as its geology, climate and human activity over the course of history. The traces of human intervention in the area include pitch ovens, pine trees tapped for their resin, water galleries and goat pens. 

All these vestiges bear witness to a time when the island’s population had close ties to the natural resources of these areas.


Authorisation to use this camp entails the use of its facilities and the furniture and equipment contained therein. Therefore, during your stay your group undertakes to:

  • Maintain and hand back the facilities, furniture and all the equipment in good condition. 
  • Follow the fire regulations in the camp.
  • Respect the rules prohibiting smoking, damaging the plant and animal life, bringing pets and polluting the environment. 
  • Bring provisions that include everything you need for your stay at the camp.
  • Use the diesel engine only as strictly necessary and for a maximum of 10 hours a day.

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This camp is intended to be used for visits and overnight stays as part of environmental awareness, education and promotion activities in direct contact with nature. 

Authorisation for its use may be requested by organised groups, for educational or other purposes, belonging to: 

  • Formal educational establishments. 
  • Associations, federations or any other legally constituted, non-profit-making entity with a legal personality. 
  • Workshop Schools and Trade Schools run by public bodies established by law, or by consortia, associations, foundations and other non-profit organisations. 
  • Any other organised group run by a Public Administration.


Resolution.- Resolution conditions for authorization of use of the “Barranco de La Arena” camp.

Availability calendar for Barranco de la Arena Campsite.


  • Bedroom for monitors (1 bunk bed).
  • Tent pitches.
  • Camp fire.
  • Fully equipped kitchen.
  • Outdoor eating area.
  • Adapted toilets.
  • Showers without hot water.
  • Electricity generator.
  • Treated water (not fit for human consumption).
  • No coverage.
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Access Barranco de La Arena Nature Camp

La Guancha - Icod el Alto road (TF-344), turn off at km 8.8 at the point known as Choza “Casa de La Pradera” to take the tracks named Pista El Lagar and Pista Barranco de La Arena (VM 17), which are suitable for cars.

No public transport service in the area.

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