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Acampada en travesía y monte particular en Tenerife

For this reason, in addition to designated campsites, the Tenerife Island Council also allows you to camp outdoors on private land and while hiking, always with prior authorisation.


Requirements for wild camping on a long-distance hike

Wild camping while hiking is allowed for walking routes on the island that last more than one day.

To camp in the wild, you must request prior authorisation from the Tenerife Island Council via this link 10 days in advance, indicating the route to be followed and the places where you intend to camp.

Please note that, once authorisation has been granted, you will be able to pitch a tent on each day of camping on the route for a maximum of 24 hours.


Requirements for camping on private land

In Tenerife you can also camp on private land and experience nature, either with tents, campervans or adapted vehicles.

For this, it is also necessary to apply for prior authorisation via this link.


Rules for camping in Tenerife

In addition to the advice and good practices for camping on the island, please bear in mind that there are areas where this activity  is strictly forbidden, as set out in the plans and regulations of each of the protected natural areas.

If you are unsure about which activities are permitted or require prior permission, we recommend you consult our authorisations page before planning your next trip.